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We had a good brainstorming session and we narrowed our topics down to a top 4!  Each topic is assigned to a different person:

The topic will complete the following question:

“How could we improve the way that someone learns [your team’s topic]?”

Please try to upload you're Word Doc. to the website!!!!! That means you sedona!!!!

The first few pages of the document here will help you figure out what to research.


Tony & Sedona

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  1. Aliyah presented the following document. LEARN HOW TO BUILD A GREAT HOUSE!.docx


    TO LEARN ABOUT THIS TOPIC PEOPLE could look at houses that are already built and get ideas from there. you could also go to an office of a realortor and look at houses that they sold. books and internet can also give you inormation.if you are looking to build a house you can go to a company and they will have houses there to pick from. tou can use your imagination to come up with a creative house too. how to build the actual house you can learn from your actetect. he/she will listen to your intructions of how you want your house to be built and the contrtuction workers will get right on it. it depends on how big your house can be by on the ammount of property you buy. you can go to a realator or you can go by yourself to look at propertys. but remember that a bigger house is more money. learn how MUCH YOUR house is by asking the commpany how big your house is. after you’ve got all of your reserch done the builders will start to build your house. sont be allarmed if your house is taking a while to build, it might take a while if then house is big.after your house is done, you will have a great house to live in!                                                                                   a book to read about building houses and act                                                                         actatectur:

    • integratied buildings: the systems basics of actitecture: by leonard r bachmen




  2. Sedona Presented How to Program

    Get a good book like how to program for dummies

    Hello World and math problems.

    Look at other peoples project

    • Look at other peoples programs
    • checkout their source code

    learn basic programing vocabulary and data type

    Set goals and challenge yourself





    How to Learn Programming JAVA®


    1. Purchase a good book about programming JAVA®
    2. Learn all the basic programming vocabulary such as Boolean, strings, and int.
    3. Start with basic programs like Hello World and math problems.
    4. Look at other people’s programs and try to challenge yourself more and more.
    5. Practice programming daily and shortly you’re bound to get the hang of it!


    Practice Makes Perfect!!!!!!!